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Jose Corral


The Body, Geometry & Flow Intensive proposes a space for exploring diverse types of movement accessed through guided improvisations based on specific body tasks. The guided improvisations will focus on spatial awareness, consciousness of one’s surroundings, performing, musicality and creativity. Subsequently, we will be exploring through collective exercises where the collective body stimulates the individual body to displace familiar body configurations and movement patterns. Each class will conclude with instant composition exercises, based on the toolset and logics of David Zambrano’s Passing Through technique. The objective of the intensive is to create a body with an expanded ability to transform geometrically, fluidly, and spatially in individual and collective movement. Body, Geometry & Flow has been taught at institutions and spaces such as Codarts Circus Arts, CEPRODAC, Ballet Folklórico de México, Universidad de Sonora, Universidad Veracruzana & la Cantera, among others.

Francisco Córdova


Training workshop based in the contruction of physical actions. It induces the participant to move from a common language not based on dance language codes. It decodifies and destructures predetermined languages of dance. The class is a representation of control and physical intuition that creates physical, mental and emotional states parting from physicality. It guides the student to find truth in his/her own body, and enter in contact with his/her own way of moving; to assume information regarding one’s intuition. The class is an experiential learning process.



Through exercises in breathing, activating the blood flow, and heating the body, we will explore perception and how far we can engage with and become aware of our surroundings--the physical and social structures as well as the connections with other people in the room. We will translate into movement vocabulary the possibilities that the space holds by perceiving and/or encountering a rhythm both individually and as a group. We will also introduce objects into the space to continue to shape perception, significance, and composition. Using this exploration we will let the composition or choreography be, exist, and become. We will let go of our “induced intentions” to find and listen what our current state of being in that specific space and time is requesting to channel. What is a dance with purpose? How do I negotiate myself between inducing and channeling while I’m moving? Do I create the purpose or does the purpose become?

Rui Dun


You have a show in you.

We all have show-worthy stories and a voice to tell them. June FAILSPACE classes are dedicated to exploring stories rooted inside environmental, social, and political change inside a brave, inclusive playspace for artists of all disciplines. We will explore the feeling of isolation in media representation and discuss how to break the barrier of media representatives and take control of our narratives. Inside these stories of change, we will utilize the power of STORYTELLING to connect, listen, move, collaborate and enact change. We will do so through learning how to build an ensemble, creating small scale work with prompts, absorbing participant feedback, and digging deeper into passion and purpose.

Lisa Fagan


In APRIL FAILSPACE, we will experiment with fracturing rules and regulations through improvisation, score making, flash composing, lightning-speed editing, group work, and organizing chaos. This class focuses on accessing dynamic specificity—specificity within the body and specificity within ideas are linked in practice. In this class, we will return to the body, sharpen its sensitivity and dexterity, so we can use it in service of developing choreographic, compositional, and/or conceptual ideas and offer space to generate new ones. 

Nora Alami 


MARCH FAILSPACE is a process-based workshop that will always be informed by who is in the room and where we want to go together. The people in the space hold the space; we are the container. Come as you are, wherever you are - whether blocked or overflowing or both. Through movement, writing, and conversation, we will explore the solitude in hibernation and transition into release. Improvisations will engage in the switching of modalities to overlap, contradict, and collapse identity as we explore the relationship between celebration and grief. Above all, MARCH FAILSPACE anchors the transition from Winter to Spring by dedicating this time to our practice - personal and collective. Leaning into the peer-to-peer backbone of the FAILSPACE platform, we will practice listening to and showing up for one another in order to cultivate community.

Andrew Pester


Andrew Pester is a Brooklyn-based improviser, choreographer, and organizer. They are the founder of FAILSPACE, an organization that provides a platform with ample space, time, and financial resources for emerging artists to grow their teaching practice. They grew up underneath the Kansan sky, and this horizontal expanse continues to inform their performance making. Their performances resemble letters from an old friend: personal, nostalgic, and responding to the need to understand how to continue to arrive together. Presently, they are developing Prelude to a Eulogy, a queer multidisciplinary inquiry into ancestry and archive. Their work has been shown at the Northampton Center for the Arts, multiple ACDA Regional Conferences, CAMP_iN Dance Festival, the Midwest RADfest, and the Turner-Fischer Center for Opera. They have performed and taught nationally and internationally as a member of the Dance Company of Middlebury as well as Daara Dance Company. Currently, they are working with the New York City based company 277 Dance Project under the artistic direction of Nicole Philippidis.  They are the recipient of the 2017 Mahlingaiah Family Dance Prize.