Miguel Gutierrez // Evelyn Lilian Sanchez Narvaez

March 9-13, 2020

10:00-2:00 PM

Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Juliana F. May // Lisa Fagan

June 8-12, 2020

10:00-2:00 PM

Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Jonathan Gonzalez // Stacy Skolnik

September 7-11, 2020

10:00-2:00 PM

Brooklyn Arts Exchange

2020 Mentorship Workshop Application

FAILSPACE is an organization that supports mentorship in the performing arts, and this year we are launching a quarterly workshop series in addition to our monthly workshops. These four workshops will be focused on growing our capacity to develop an equitable mentorship program for emerging artists in the performing arts.

Each workshop will be co-taught by a pair: a performing artist mentor and a FAILSPACE artist. The FAILSPACE artist will be selected through an open application pool reviewed by the FAILSPACE Steering Committee and performing artists mentors, listed below. The first two hours of the workshop will be taught by the FAILSPACE artist and the second two hours will be taught by the mentor. Both the FAILSPACE artist and the mentor will be participating in each other’s teaching. Each day will end with a one-on-one meeting between the co-teachers for debriefing, reflection, and mentorship. 

Applications will be considered by the following parameters (order does not reflect priority).


Commitment to community learning
Commitment to working inside the parameters of experimentation, risk, and interdisciplinarity
Alignment with the creative process/interests of the paired mentor 

The final weeklong workshop will be held the following weeks:

November 9-13, 2020 with mayfield brooks

The workshops will occur Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM with 30-minute debrief with the mentor at the end of each day. All workshops will take place at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. 

If selected, the artist will be awarded a $500 stipend for co-teaching the workshop. 

Application opens February 1, 2020  and closes 11:59 PM on February 29, 2020.

Please only submit one application.

Application is open to artists outside of NYC. FAILSPACE is not responsible for travel or accommodations. 

Please email failspacenyc@gmail.com for inquiries. 

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